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Our mission is twofold.


Firstly, we want to fill the world with more inclusive and diverse literature. It is important for people to see themselves represented in stories. We want our books to support not only the LGBTQIA+ community, but also to increase racial and physical diversity in fiction and in the publishing industry. 


Secondly, we want to support our authors. We want to invest in them to not only publish one great book, but many! It is our hope and plan to give our authors greater returns when they publish with us than with other publishers. We want our authors to be able to make writing their whole career if they so choose.

New Release


by Jade du Preez

Tokyo, 2017

Weeks from a birthday that will see her older than her mother ever was, Antoinette seeks two answers:

One-how to explain her Master's thesis on light as memory.

And two-was her mother's death an accident or a suicide?

Then a long-lost pen-pal returns to her life, propelling her closer to the truth.

Kyou, the top star of a gender-bending nabe bar, would sooner die than move into management. She needs an out, she needs cash and, most importantly, she needs an identity. As an unregistered mukoseki, she is a legal anomaly.

Officially, Kyou doesn't exist.

Their searches for identity intertwine with the lives of a video-game obsessed businessman and a writer who refuses to speak. Across Japan and down to New Zealand, from neon-lit alleys to tiny islands, their journey towards the truth is as tangled as their pasts.

Fact and fable blur together in a rich tapestry that ultimately explores what it is to be human.

For fans of Ruth Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being and Ali Smith's How to be Both, Jade du Preez's Outsider is a rich, engrossing study in art, culture, identity and the complexity of being human.

Featured Books

normal BODIES

Sophie Bellamy & Cecilia Lizcano López

Have you ever felt like your body is weird, different, or wrong? 


The Normal Bodies project combines beautiful, hand-crafted watercolour portraits with raw, honest captions from people in 

the paintings. In this book, you'll find 100 nude paintings and 100 soul-shakingly powerful stories.


All bodies are normal, and we're proving that one portrait at a time.

Our Favo(u)rite LGBTQIA+ Reads

America's Favorite LGBTQIA+ Reads

Lucy Holland

This book changed my perspective on trans people and their internal experience. I loved the relationships between the sisters and the writing was breath-taking.

The Once & Future Witches
Alix E. Harrow

This one is about three sisters, which is close to my heart. I enjoyed the historical aspect of women's rights and the Salem-witch-trials-esque atmosphere. 

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Taylor Jenkins Reid

I would say that I enjoyed this book, but the truth is that it tore open my heart and planted a new feeling there. It's hard to explain why, but I loved it. 

Malinda Lo

Ash is a beautiful retelling of the Cinderella story, but with a queer twist. It's deep and dark and delicious.

The Lost Coast
Amy Rose Capetta

The Lost Coast is a great coming of age story of six queer witches, and you get to witness two falling in love. It's misty and magical and mysterious. 

Delilah Green Doesn't Care
Ashley Herring Blake

This was such a fun read! I found myself identifying with both MCs, and I enjoyed how thoroughly all the characters-even the secondary ones-were filled out. 

Julia's Favorite LGBTQIA+ Reads

Delilah Green Doesn't Care
Ashley Herring Blake

I went crazy over this one! I loved the prim-proper and goth girl blend! The way Blake writes is stunning!

Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail
Ashley Herring Blake

I am obsessed with Blake's writing style! I also love that her characters seem to already live in the world I hope ours becomes where coming out is normal and falling for the woman you've never even dreamed about, is celebrated!

Written in the Stars
Alexandria Bellefleur

This was probably the very first lesbian romance I've ever read and it did not disappoint! I love the dynamics between the couple.

Hang the Moon
Alexandria Bellefleur

While not specifically queer, this book is the second of the set by Bellefleur about Darcy's brother and her best friend. I was very pleased with how Bellefleur wrote the leading male as one of those rare breeds of men that are actually very healthy in the relationship department.

Count Your Lucky Stars
Alexandria Bellefleur

This is the third of Bellefleur's set of books and I enjoyed it. Mostly I spent page after page being frustrated with Margo for not simply saying what she was feeling, but such is life. 

Read Between the Lines
Rachel Lacey

I am currently reading this book that seems to be based off the old story "You've Got Mail" or "Shop Around the Corner." So far, it's great!

Lisa's Favourite LGBTQIA+ Reads

Mistress of Desire
Ruby Scott

Third book in the series but my favourite (though that will change with the next in stalment). I love the quality of Ruby's writing so much and especially love the characters she has built over this series. She makes the characters relatable and human and I really can't stop thinking about them (especially Victoria).

Darkness Falls
KC Luck

It was my first time reading a book about an apocalypse and it did not disappoint! Awesome established couples and new relationships all trying to make it work while attempting to survive with no electricity in a world gone just a little bit crazy.

The Cottage 
Gerri Hill

Bawled my eyes out for a good hour after reading this one. Highly recommend if you want to have all of your emotions raked over hot coals (seriously though, I did really enjoy it!).

Meghan O'Brien

My first shifter book and well, I definitely need more. Even while being a book about a shifter, it managed to capture human emotions perfectly. This stuck with me for some time after I finished.

Cassie's Favourite LGBTQIA+ Reads

In the Dream House
Carmen Maria Machado

Machado’s use of language in this painful memoir of queer domestic violence is raw and beautiful. While the subject is disturbing and difficult to read it’s also vital that it isn’t ignored. Machado doesn’t try to make her reader feel comfortable but pulls them into her relationship and pain.

Girl, Woman, Other
Bernadine Evaristo

I Ioved everything about this award-winning novel that follows twelve people’s stories as they navigate the patriarchal society in which we live. The characters are mainly Black, British, and female. One character is lesbian and one is non-binary and all ask questions and struggle with their place in the world. There is no happy ever after but the reader can empathise with the conversations and struggles the characters have.

Giovanni’s Room
James Baldwin

For many, the realisation that they’re queer doesn’t come easily and it doesn’t come early. “Giovanni’s Room” is a hard-hitting, yet gentle exploration of queer desire. I loved the tender expression of love and hope I found in these pages.

Interview with the Vampire
Anne Rice

I read “Interview with the Vampire” as a teen and although I didn’t know I was queer, I remember feeling that this book spoke to me in ways I didn’t yet understand. As I grew up, the relationship between Lestat and Louis never left me and slowly coalesced, as my own self-understanding did, into seeing the queer. And quite frankly, who doesn’t love a good vampire story?

De Profundis
Oscar Wilde

I’ve always been obsessed with Oscar Wilde and regularly find myself rereading De Profundis, Wilde’s devastating letter to the lover who betrayed him and allowed him to be sent to jail. While hardly an uplifting queer story, the quality of the writing, and the depth of the emotion make this one of the best pieces of queer writing, in my opinion.

Lucy Holland

This book, set in just-post-Roman Britain, considers how Christianity and its determination to impose itself and its views on other cultures can be so damaging, especially to the queer community. Through the eyes of three siblings, we watch as a Christian priest battles to force a family into binary conformity. Although the word trans is never used it is obvious that one child is trans. The eventual acceptance of the child by the family and community on the brink of Christianity is heartwarming.

Tove's Favorite LGBTQIA+ Reads

Tales of Nevèrÿon
Samuel R. Delany

Delany is a Black, queer elder whose work is so incomparable that it's basically impossible to describe in few words. This is the first of four volumes in a series that blends and queers sword and sworcery fantasy, metaphysics, economics, and history.

An Unkindness of Ghosts Rivers Solomon

A masterfully-written debut novel about structural racism, generational trauma, and resistance on a colony ship. Solomon writes some of the most beautiful prose in the world.

The Tensorate Series 
Neon Yang

The four novellas in the Tensorate series take place in a harsh, brilliant fantasy setting with extremely cool systems of magic and technology, complex politics and intrigues, and magnificently queer relationships.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 
Hitoshi Ashinano

I am over the moon that this lovely, sweet, sapphic post-cataclysmic slice-of-life manga about an android who manages a cafe is finally being officially translated and released in English after nearly twenty ding-dang years.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Becky Chambers

Speaking of lovely, sweet slice-of-life stories, any of Chambers' books is a fine place to start, but why not here, with an ensemble cast aboard a tunneling ship that's doing the slow work of building a wormhole?

The Price of Salt (Carol)
Patricia Highsmith

I'm stepping away from sci-fi/fantasy for a second to recommend this foundational piece of lesbian fiction, first published under an alias in the 1950s. Highsmith, a crime fiction writer, had the audacity to give her protagonists a happy ever after, and I think that's pretty badass.

Ilana's Favorite LGBTQIA+ Reads

Giovanni's Room
James Baldwin

Baldwin's writing sucked me in from the very first line, and I couldn't put this book down. It's an achingly beautiful and tragic story about a man who closes himself off to love because he can't accept himself. There's a conversation early on between the MC and another man that artfully foreshadows the story about to unfold. 

Interview with the Vampire 
Anne Rice

Relationships are complicated. When you're immortal, they can get really complicated. I enjoyed the ethical questions raised by choices the characters make. This book (and the series) not only made vampires fully formed, complicated beings; it made them steamy. 

The Blight of Blackridge
R. P. Dunwater

Full disclosure, I edited this book — so I may be biased — but I genuinely enjoyed reading this YA sapphic dark fantasy novel about a teenage girl who finds herself caught in a love triangle at the same time she's caught in a battle between good and evil. It's a powerful story about religious extremism, finding the strength to be true to yourself, and how much you'll sacrifice to protect the ones you love.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 
Benjamin Alire Sáenz

This is a sweet coming-of-age story about two Mexican-American teenagers, Dante and Aristotle ("Ari"), who meet at the pool one summer and soon find their friendship developing into something deeper. I loved the banter between the two MCs as well as the complicated family dynamics revealed by the subplots.

The Expanse Series
James S. A. Corey

In this sci-fi series about a future where humans have colonized the solar system, the discovery of an alien technology threatens all of human existence. Will people learn to set aside their usual squabbles to save the species? While not an explicitly queer story, there are a lot of queer characters who run the gamut of experiences and identities. They're heroes and villains; blue collar workers and scientists; loving parents and unattached loners. It was refreshing to see queer characters be so normalized (as they should be).

Sarah's Favorite LGBTQIA+ Reads

The Last Sun 
K. D. Edwards

I'm so so glad I listened to everyone telling me to read The Last Sun. It's a stunningly imaginative urban fantasy novel with characters I came to care deeply about. The best comparison I can think of is Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence crossed with Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniel series, but gayer!

Daughter of Mystery
Heather Rose Jones

Daughter of Mystery is a historical fantasy novel with a f/f bodyguard romance! I enjoyed the writing, political intrigue, and the unique fantasy world building around miracles and magic. 

Ninefox Gambit
Yoon Ha Lee

I started Ninefox Gambit with trepidation, as military sci-fi isn't usually my thing. But I was soon drawn in by the characterization and the fascinating dynamic of the military captain Cheris Kel and the undead and dangerously unpredictable tactician Shuos Jedao. 

Mishell Baker

Mishell Baker's Borderline both uses genre conventions and yet is unlike almost other urban fantasy novels out there, mostly due to its distinctive heroine. Millie, a young filmmaker in LA with Borderline Personality Disorder, is residing in a mental hospital when she receives a mysterious job offer from a group called the Arcadia project that polices the traffic between our realm and the fey. Borderline has a wonderfully complicated female lead and a great supporting cast! 

Beyond the Black Door
A. M. Strickland

I adored A. M. Strickland's darkly enchanting, asexual fantasy, Beyond the Black Door. I love how the story handled the villain romance, and the lush worldbuilding helped bring the story alive!

Nichole Kornher-Stace

In a dystopian future, Mallory, a video game streamer, has a few chance encounters with the corporate government's super soldiers and begins to realize that they weren't fully created by the corporation but instead were orphaned children just like her. Firebreak is a heartrendingly brutal story of fighting oppressive regimes and the strength of platonic bonds.

Sam's Favourite LGBTQIA+ Reads

A Dowry of Blood
S. T. Gibson

A queer, polyamorous Dracula's wives retelling where the women get their long-awaited revenge. Beautifully written tale of love, perserverance and vengeance. 

Take A Hint, Dani Brown
Talia Hibbert

An excellent romcom with fabulous bi and disability rep, had me smiling the whole way through. 

Anna-Marie McLemore

A charming YA novel about two non-binary neurodivergent teens and the fantastical world they find under the lake. Perfect blend of magical realism and queer character that'll tug on your heartstrings. 

Wicked Villains
Katee Robert

Adult, "spicy" retelling of fairytales. Sex positive, body positive, full of queer rep. If you're looking for high heat and a new take on classic characters, this is for you! Katee Robert is a go-to for fun, spicy stories. 

Theirs to Crave
Rowan Merrick

Adult, "spicy" sci-fi romance. An intricate new world, a human stranded on an alien planet and a polyamorous, queer rep. What more could you want? 

The Fox and the Dryad
Kellen Graves 

Fantasy, romance, queer and mental health rep. I've just started reading this and already know it's going to be a favourite of mine! 

Jess's Favourite LGBTQIA+ Reads

One Last Stop
Casey McQuiston

This was one of the first sapphic books I read, and the intertwining of historical drama and science fiction was fantastic. The love story between the two protagonists built up in a believable, relatable, very human way – and the flirting had me grinning the whole time! I could read this book again and again.

In the Role of Brie Hutchens...
Nicole Melleby

A story with a whole bunch of heart that doesn’t pull its punches. Brie is a young teenage protagonist going through a very confusing period of time in her life, and she’s struggling with the intersection of her faith and sexuality. This story introduces these topics at an appropriate level for the MG-YA age range, and I loved it.

She Drives Me Crazy
Kelly Quindlen

Hands down my favourite lesbian love story of all time. The relationship between Scottie and Irene gives off some serious enemies-to-lovers energy, as well as a healthy dose of my favourite trope, fake dating! I thoroughly enjoyed going along for the ride with these two, and I was so sad when the story was over.

Everything Leads to You
Nina LaCour

If you’re a fan of introspective novels, this beautiful love story will make you think, as well as break your heart. It explores first love, first heartbreak, complicated mother-daughter relationships, and interracial relationships with kindness and understanding of these complexities. Emi and Ava learning to love again touched my heart.

Planning Perfect
Haley Neil

This story is a heart warming one exploring the budding relationship between an asexual perfectionist and her bisexual best friend. The two girls fall in love against the backdrop of planning the perfectionist’s mother’s wedding – and this unique setting gives them all those beautiful picture-perfect moments a couple could hope for.

Stars in Their Eyes
Jessica Walton

One of my favourite Australian graphic novels, this story follows a bisexual amputee survivor of cancer attending her first fan convention. She meets an enigmatic teen there whose charm sweeps her off her feet immediately. She quickly falls for them, and over the course of the convention they get to know each other better. I love this sweet story!

Kate's Favorite LGBTQIA+ Reads

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
Alison Bechdel

I loved this graphic novel. It was a sweet feel good read. It is a story about coming of age, coming out, and the complex relationship we have with the family we were born into. 

Stone Butch Blues
Leslie Feinberg

I learned a lot from this book about consent and respect for the autonomy and decisions of others. 

The Fifth Season
N. K. Jemisin

This is the first book in a trilogy. I loved all three books. This fantasy world has all kinds of people in it and they are all accepted for who they are. 

The Future of 
Another Timeline
Annalee Newitz

This was the first book I ever read that had a non-binary character in it. They are a side character and they are simply referred to as “they” without any further explanation. It made me cry. It’s also a great story about regret and activism and the moral question of changing the past. 

Rubyfruit Jungle
Rita Mae Brown

This was the first book with a queer character that I ever read. It was eye-opening. 

The Space Between Worlds 
Micaiah Johnson

Without giving anything away, I really enjoyed the character development in this book and the examination of how the events in our lives and our choices influence who we are. 

Cait's Favorite LGBTQIA+ Reads

Under the Udala Trees
Chinelo Okparanta

Chinelo Okparanta’s vivid writing in this exceptional debut novel brings to life an innocent love between two girls during the Biafran War in Nigeria. Within the entanglements of religious zeal, sociopolitical instability, and displacement, Okparanta details a complicated coming-of-age story that is well worth the read. 

The Song of Achilles
Madeline Miller

It’s no surprise that this adaption of the Illiad has become so popular. Mythology, clean prose, and a gripping love story generate a fast-paced and emotional read that I found impossible to put down.

A Body, Undone: Living On After Great Pain
Christina Crosby

In this deeply personal memoir, Christina Crosby explores chronic pain, gender, dependence, and identity as she details her experience with sudden disability. Crosby’s academic background is made clear in this raw, fragmented text that is both difficult and cathartic to read.

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